Affordable bubble hotel night under the stars

Where To Sleep In A Bubble For An Affordable Night Under The Stars

Bubble hotels are becoming popular in an increasing number of countries. No wonder. Sleeping under the starts is a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll hardly forget. It combines all the benefits of going camping with the comfort of a hotel room.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a night at most of these hotels. Rates depend on the countries and specific bubble hotels, but you can expect to pay no less than €300/$330 per night. The good news is I’ve found one that will fit in many’s budget. I’m talking about the Skyhomes, just a stone’s throw from Prague, Czech Republic. If you’re looking for a unique romantic experience, I 100% recommend it.

Where Is It: A Secret Location Near Prague

In order to guarantee that guests will have full privacy, the hotel website doesn’t indicate the exact location anywhere. And I will of course not be the one to ruin that! Think about it – you’ll be inside a bubble, which means that everyone could see you from outside. That’s why it’s important to keep the exact location a secret.

While I won’t reveal the exact whereabouts, I can tell you that it’s located in a small town called Rudná, around 16km/10 miles away from Prague, which makes it perfect for a romantic getaway if you’re visiting the city. You can get there by rental car or public transport. If you choose the latter, you can just take subway line B to Zličín and then hop on one of these buses: 307, 308, 311 or 380. It takes around 45 mins from Prague city center.

What to expect: the experience at Skyhomes

Garden and access to the premises

Before you go, it’s important to know that there’s no reception of any kind, nor will you be welcomed by the hotel staff (actually, I’d say no one is employed there). It’s a self check-in accommodation. A few days before your booking date, you’ll receive an email with instructions as to how to enter the premises. Access is through a fence that leads to some kind of garden. The gate is unlocked and you won’t need keys (here’s another reason why it’s important to keep the location undisclosed). Walk through the garden until you reach a second garden, where the bubble stands. It’s a fully private area away from everything, so don’t worry – no one will be able to see you there. By the bubble, you’ll find a few deck chairs where you can chill if the weather permits.

If possible, I’d recommend arriving during daylight for an easier check in.

Ideas for romantic getaway

Inside the bubble

This is what you’ll find inside the bubble:

  • A double bed. A heating blanket will be provided as well for the colder months.
  • A capsule coffee machine, tea and a bottle of wine (all complimentary).
  • AC, both to combat the cold and the heat. It can get very cold in the winter. The heating blankets and AC do help a lot to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the bubble, but I still recommend you bring some extra warm clothes. On the contrary, it can get very hot inside the bubble during the summer months.
  • Two beanbag chairs.
  • Books and a chess board to keep you entertained.

There’s no WiFi, so I suggest bringing something along (board games, cards, movies…).

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Affordable bubble hotel near Prague

Breakfast and dinner

Breakfast is included, yes. But don’t expect a waiter to come in the morning and serve you fresh orange juice along with some homemade croissants. You’ll find some sandwiches and fruit on one of the night tables that you can eat in the morning.

Dinner is not included. You can bring something from home or have dinner in a local restaurant. If you’d like to try Czech food, you can go to Restaurace Na Staré. If you’re not a big fan of the local cuisine – don’t worry, neither am I – I recommend the Chinese restaurant Kai instead.

Don’t forget to bring bottled water or buy some at a local store. Otherwise, you won’t have access to water at all during your stay.

Very important to note

The bubble is kept inflated thanks to a system that pumps air into the interior non-stop. That’s why avoiding air from outside getting in is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE. The bubble has two doors: the first one gives access to some sort of hall, and the second one leads to the room directly. Never open both at the same time. Otherwise, the bubble will deflate in a matter of seconds (trust me, it happened to me and you don’t want to see yourself in that position). First, open the outside door. Come in and make sure it’s properly closed. Then, you can open the second one and enter the room.

Bubble Hotel: Price

I’d always dreamed of sleeping in a bubble hotel under the stars, but I just assumed I’d never get the chance to do that because most hotels were way over my budget. Until I found this one.

Based on the prices available on their website at the time of writing this article, one night at Skyhomes costs CZK 2.990 (around €120/$135). Needless to say that it’s not something you can do every weekend, but I find it quite affordable for a special occasion.

Cheap Bubble Hotel, Low Comfort

There’s a reason why Skyhomes is cheaper than most bubble hotels. Other than what’s already been mentioned (unlocked doors, poor breakfast…), the biggest downside it that there’s no bathroom inside the bubble. You’ll need to use a mobile toilet that is available within the property. And forget about taking a shower.

To be honest, that was a bit of a disappointment, but I guess it’s fine for one night.

How To Book

Despite the small toilet issue, I would definitely encourage you to try this experience. You’re not going to find cheaper anywhere else. You can book directly through the Skyhomes website (available in Czech only) or via booking.com.

Skyhomes is often open during the warmer months, usually from April to October. Advanced booking is highly recommended as it sells out quickly.

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