One-on-one consultation session to answer all your questions.

Is the trip planning getting a bit overwhelming? I’ll help you put all the pieces together on one video call.


Get insider tips and turn your trip into a memorable experience

Save time

Stop wasting dozens of hours on research. We'll get straight to the point during our session.

Freedom & flexibility

You'll get tons of suggestions but it's ultimately up to you to decide what you want to do and when.

Fully customized

I'll answer YOUR questions and help you plan a trip to suit your needs. Ask me about all your concerns.

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Avoid tourist traps

Being advised by an expert means that you'll know exactly where to go. Avoid tourist traps and save lots of money.

Travel with ease

Get insights from a seasoned traveler to be 100% prepared and travel independently worry-free.


My name is Eva, and though I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, I’ve always had itchy feet. Traveling is my biggest passion and to this day I’ve visited over 400 cities in more than 40 different countries. I’ve also lived abroad for many years. More specifically, in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany and Canada.

I love to spend hours planning my own trips, and I enjoy advising others. Knowing that I have the ability to improve their travel experience makes me very happy. I make every effort to provide honest opinions and recommendations for places you would otherwise never have heard of.

Let me turn your trip into a memorable experience!

Travel Consultation

One-on-one online meeting to answer your questions
$35 per session (1 hour)
  • 1-hour one-on-one online meeting
  • Ask about all your questions and concerns
  • Send me the draft you're working on and get feedback
  • Assistance during the planning process
  • Unlimited inquiries via email

PREMIUM Travel Consultation

Get assistance throughout the whole planning process
$120 4 sessions (1 hour each)
  • 4 one-on-one online meetings (1 hour each)
  • Ask about all your questions and concerns
  • Send me the draft you're working on and get feedback
  • Assistance during the planning process
  • Unlimited inquiries via email
15% off


Places worth visiting

How to best build your itinerary

How to get around

Recommendations & tips

What to know before your trip (visa, weather, etc)

Any other questions you may have


I haven't been to every destination in the world (although that's in my bucket list!). I would never advise you on a destination I'm not 100% familiar with. That's why travel consultation services are only available for the following destinations:




Canada 🏠 

Costa Rica





Belgium 🏠 


Czech Republic 🏠 




Germany 🏠 









Spain 🏠 

The Netherlands

United Kingdom

🏠  Countries I’ve lived in.

Is your destination not listed above? You might want to request a custom itinerary instead.


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4. One-on-one meeting

We'll go over all your questions and concerns and I'll help you plan the perfect trip to suit your needs.


Travel Consultation - Part 1

Have questions? Got answers!

Meetings are online. Once we agree on a date and time, I’ll send you a Google Meet invitation to join the videocall.

Each session is 1 hour long.

That’s entirely up to you! There’s no minimum requirement and we can have as many sessions as you need. Just book them as you go 🙂 

Sessions are always 1 hour long and they can’t be shortened. You pay for the expert advice, not for the time 🙂 

You can of course book additional sessions if you feel 1 hour is not enough.

You’ll plan your own trip yourself! The idea is that you can travel freely and independently, but applying my expert advice to improve your travel experience.

If you’d like me to plan the whole trip for you, you can request a custom itinerary instead.  

Of course! We’ll find a time that works for everybody.

Unfortunately, not. I haven’t been to every destination in the world (although that’s in my bucket list!). I would never advise you on a destination I’m not 100% familiar with. That’s why travel consultation services are only available for destinations I can provide expert advice on (see full list here).

Other than the expert advice and feedback I’ll share with you during our meeting, the price also includes the meeting preparation. Before our session, I’ll thoroughly study your request and/or draft that you send me so we can use our time wisely during the meeting. 

If you book the PREMIUM Travel Consultation you can ask me unlimited questions via email. 


A base de 10 reseñas
Hemos viajado a Bélgica un grupo de 6 amigos y queríamos que nuestro viaje fuera perfecto, y así ha sido. Evantoura lo ha hecho posible. Nos preparó una guía muy completa con todo detalle, itinerarios día a día, información de horarios y tarifas de los sitios a visitar, qué ver, como desplazarnos, consejos prácticos, recomendaciones de restaurantes, cómo funciona el transporte público, en fin fenomenal. Visitamos Brujas y Gante, y por supuesto Bruselas, un lujo. Repetiremos seguro.
gugle gu
gugle gu
Beidoo planificó nuestro viaje de la mejor manera. Preparan los intinerarios, rutas y visitas excatamente a tu gusto, y aportando ideas también, evitando que nosostros tengamos que perder el tiempo en hacerlo. Fue todo fenomenal y disfrutamos mucho del viaje, aprovechando el tiempo al máximo, y visitando muchas más cosas que si lo hubieramos hecho por nuestra cuenta. Lo recomiendo totalmente, y por supuesto, volveré a contar con ellos en cada viaje. Un descubrimiento fantástico¡¡
Luisawiwi Escobar
Luisawiwi Escobar
Hice un beidoo para un viaje muy completo por la costa oeste EEUU y tuve todo super controlado, en todos los ambitos (cosas que ver, transporte, restaurantes, etc,.)
Noelia Alguacil
Noelia Alguacil
Sus rutas son las mejores, ahorras muchísimo tiempo para preparar el viaje. No tienes que perderlo buscando en mi webs para encontrar todo lo que necesitas, además del itinerario te dan recomendaciones para que puedas aprovechar al máximo el viaje. Es muy útil tener todo resumido en un mismo documento, sabiendo que son recomendaciones y explicaciones de calidad. Totalmente recomendado contar con la ayuda de Beidoo!
Lukáš Petr
Lukáš Petr
I used Beidoo before visiting Paris for 2 days, and I’m so glad that I did! Eva (the founder) did a great job preparing detailed itinerary based on my preferences and the location of my hotel. It included tips on what to see, some interesting facts about each place, and also useful tips for transportation within Paris. Thanks to her I got to save a lot of time and effort on preparations for this trip, and I had the peace of mind that I am seeing the best of Paris, within the time constraints that I had. I can definitely recommend using this service, and I plan to use it again in the future for my longer trips.
Rosa Rodriguez García-Caro
Rosa Rodriguez García-Caro
Hicimos con Beidoo un itinerario en coche por el Peloponeso (Grecia) y todo estuvo muy bien programado ajustándose bastante bien a lo que pedimos. Pros: Tenía una idea de lo que quería ver y esta empresa me ahorró mucho tiempo con toda la organización e incluso me metió en el itinerario lugares adicionales que visitar que no conocía. Contras: Beidoo no se encarga de la reserva de los hoteles y vuelos aunque si nos dio recomendaciones y los horarios para que los reserváramos por nuestra cuenta.
Dáda Rezková
Dáda Rezková
I used Beidoo travel planning service in Italy. I wanted to travel the country during two months and at the same time have the possibility to work remotely for my business. Two months in a country I have never been to and with so much to offer required a lot of planning and research I did not have time for so I was happy to find Beidoo. They planned it all for me, they took into account my need for finding a coworking space from time to time on my trip and made a perfect tailor-made plan so I could see beautiful nature and historical sights that I wanted to see. I was very happy with their work and will use their services again.
Will Bennis
Will Bennis
I know the founder/owner of the service and participated in a beta test, and soon after realized I needed the service myself: I was planning a 10-day trip to Iceland with my wife and three kids as a surprise for my 15th wedding anniversary. I wanted it customized and special, but I don't know much about Iceland and realized that I would need to spend several dozen hours planning it myself and probably wouldn't do as good of a job as a tour operator, and this service seemed like the ideal option. The basic idea is that if you have a trip you want to do in a place you don't already know well enough to plan yourself, you use this service, like a travel agent, except that the tour is completely customized to your needs. My wife is afraid of heights, we have three kids, we knew we mostly wanted to see the local nature with some cultural activities, limited driving each day, etc. The price is great. I'm a budget traveler and wouldn't have used it I didn't think it was great value. Eva completely customized a 10-day tour of Iceland, with pictures, maps, recommended places to stay, beautiful layout of a professional, expensive tour. The differences from a standard tour operator, as far as my experience, follow. 1. it's completely customized to your needs; 2. hotels, flight tickets, and other tickets are not booked, they're just recommended. This to me was a plus rather than a negative, since it allows us to start with the recommended itinerary and then deviate from it with our particular preferences, while still having recommendations for where to start. We have specific tastes and want that freedom. It also means that the usual kickbacks to the tour operator for particular tours or hotels or tickets aren't part of the hidden incentives for the tour operator; 3. the prices are all just for the planning, so it's all really transparent: you know what you'll be charged from the start, and you know that anything you end up buying will be direct with the service providers; 4. it's a bargain. This is a startup, bespoke service targeting people like me. The final presentation was a 20-plus page pdf with images, maps, clear text, beautiful layout, an anniversary gift I was proud to give and that my wife loved. Eva started with a 20-minute conversation, sent me a draft for feedback with questions about preferences that she wasn't sure about, and then redid the plan based on my feedback. She was responsive to questions and needs for updates. All for a trip a year into the future with inside knowledge I wouldn't have been able to come up with even if I'd spent a month planning it. Truly amazing. No complaints.
Silvia Sanz
Silvia Sanz
My husband and I were in Czech Republic last summer and Beidoo Trip Planner assisted us with all the planning. They provided recommendations on the best places to visit based on our interests. They fully customized our itinerary. We were so satisfied that repeated experience with them again for our trip on North Spain. Highly recommend them!
javier pavon vega
javier pavon vega
Llegamos a Catania y alquilamos un coche con la intención de ver Sicilia en una semana sin perderte nada que no te debas perder. Beidoo nos preparó el itinerario, los lugares, monumentos y recomendaciones muy útiles de restaurantes en algunas ciudades, es decir, todo lo necesario para ir a tiro hecho. ¡¡Repetiremos!!