Stockholm best subway stations

7 Best Stockholm Subway Stations You Should Not Miss

The subway in Stockholm is reputed for its impressive underground art, which makes it a must-see in the capital. In fact, it is said to be world’s largest art gallery! To make your life easier, I’ve picked the top 7 metro stations so you know exactly where to go. They say an image is worth a thousand words, so just scroll down to discover the most beautiful subway stations in Stockholm.

Stockholm Subway Art Tour: Most Beautiful Metro Stations


Stockholm best subway stations Kungstradgarden

Blue line (end of lines 10 and 11)


Stockholm best subway stations Stadion

My favorite!

Red line (line 14)

Tekniska Högskolan

Stockholm best subway stations Tekniska Hogskolan

Make sure to check the neon escalator

Red line (line 14)


Stockholm best subway stations T Centralen

The metro system in Stockholm has three main lines, and this is the only station where all three converge

Blue line (lines 10 an 11), red line (lines 13 and 14) & green line (lines 17, 18 and 19)


Stockholm best subway stations Radhuset

Blue line (lines 10 an 11)

Solna Centrum

Stockholm best subway stations Solna Centrum

Blue line (line 11)


Stockholm best subway stations Thoridsplan

The gamers station

Green line (lines 17, 18 and 19)

How to Tour Stockholm Metro Stations: All You Need to Know

Sweden trip planner

How to access the subway

A transport ticket is all you’ll need to go on a self-guided tour around Stockholm underground system. Ticket options and fares are many. If you’re planning to use the public transport regularly during your stay in the city, then I’d suggest you get the 24 or 72 hours pass (or ‘travelcard’, as they call it). Now, if you’re just looking to do the underground art tour, then a single ticket will just do. Bear in mind that single tickets are valid for 75 minutes. If you’re fast, then one single ticket might be enough. But if you stop for a while at each station to admire their beauty – which I totally recommend you do – then you might need more than one.

You’ll find more information about the subway tickets and fares on this website.

Guided tours of the subway

It’s possible to explore the various subway stations on a self-guided tour, but you might also want to know that guided tours in English are available, too, and almost for free! The only fee involved is purchasing a metro ticket (i.e. same as if you do it on your own). It’s definitely a great way to learn more about the artists who worked on the wall paintings, and the reasons behind it.

UPDATE FROM 2021: guided tours are cancelled due to COVID


If you end up visiting Stockholm’s amazing metro stations, don’t forget to drop a comment with the name of your favorite one! And if you come across any that you like and it’s not included in this guide, then let us know so we can help other travelers who are reading this post!

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