Beer spa Prague review

Beer Spa in Prague: Is It Worth It? Review

The Czech Republic has a worldwide reputation for its high-quality beer. So it’s no wonder that cities like Prague have witnessed the emergence of what is usually referred to as beer spas, targeting tourists mostly. At first one might think that bathing in beer sounds pretty cool, but are beer spas really worth it? In this article, I’ll let you know what to expect, how much it costs and if it’s really worth paying for.

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Beer Spa in Prague: What To Expect

About the experience

You’ll get access to a private space just for yourselves, including a bathroom with a shower and the main room where the whole spa experience takes place. Here you’ll find a couple of oak tubs and a straw bed where you’re supposed to relax and let your body absorb all the vitamins and extracts from the bath.

Beer Spa Prague review
Straw bed

If you’re thinking you’ll be literally swimming in beer, that’s not exactly true. You’ll submerge your body in a hot whirlpool tub with brewer’s yeast in it. The whirlpool only goes on for 25 minutes.

Beer Spa Prague review

Towels, sheets for the straw bed, shoes and shower gel are provided. So the only thing you’ll need to bring along is your swimming suit (only if you want to wear it because, as I mentioned, the room is completely private).

Unlimited beer

You’ll conveniently have a beer tap right next to your tub with two different types of beer. You can help yourself and have as much beer as you wish while enjoying your bath.

Beer spa prague

How long do I have to enjoy the experience?

It’s an hour-long experience: you’ll have 50 minutes to enjoy your bath and drink as much beer as you want, and 10 minutes to take a shower and leave. There is a countdown timer that goes off at the end of the 50 minutes, meaning you’ll only have 10 minutes from that moment to get ready to go.

Price of a beer spa in Prague

Prices may slightly vary depending on the location but, whether you choose one or another, it’s not an activity you’d want to do if you’re on a tight budget. To give you an idea, the Beer Spa I went to (you can find out which one it was below) charges CZK 2,700 for two people. This is inclusive of everything I mentioned above and gives you access to the spa for 1 hour. If you’d like to stay longer, be ready to pay (a lot) more.

Is it worth it?

It is definitely a unique experience and I’m happy I tried it out. But all things considered, I’d say it’s too expensive for what you get.

First of all, the “spa” itself is nothing special. In fact, I dare say it’s worse than any other spa I’ve ever been to. After swimming in “beer”, your body will be sticky and you might even get some green stains from the yeast.

If you do it for the unlimited beer… Well, let me tell you that you can get hundreds of liters of (better quality) beer at any bar in Prague for the same price.

But what truly brings me to say it’s not worth it is the time limitations. Fifty minutes is just too short. When you go to a spa, you do so to wind down. But it’s impossible to relax when you have a clock ticking right beside you.

In conclusion: no good value for money.


Full list of beer spas in Prague

Needless to say that this is nothing but my subjective opinion, which can of course differ from yours. My intention is not to discourage anyone from going to a beer spa. So if you’re still curious and would like to try it out for yourself, here’s a list of the main beer spas in Prague, along with a map so you know exactly where to find each of them:

  1. Beer Spa Beerland (in red below)
  2. Original Beer Spa: 2 locations in the city center (in purple below)
  3. Bernard Beer Spa: 4 locations in the city center (in green below)
  4. Beer Spa Natural (in yellow below)
  5. GrandRelax: you’ll find it in 2 hotels in central Prague (in blue below)

I’d like to make it clear that I’ve only tried the Original Beer Spa (Žitná location). My opinion is only based on my experience there, but I’d say they’re all pretty similar.


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