Who's behind this website

Hey there! My name is Eva, and though I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, I’ve always had itchy feet. So far, I’ve visited over 400 towns and cities in more than 40 countries. I’ve also lived abroad for many years, specifically in Belgium, Canada and the Czech Republic (and arguably in Germany as well). But I still have a long bucket list of places to see!

I love languages and studied Translation & Interpretation at uni. I’ve always been curious about traveling and discovering new cultures, though, and that led me into a career in tourism. I started out as a hotel receptionist and tour leader and went on to work for a Canadian travel agency for many years, planning and coordinating group tours around the world.

I have always liked to take my time to plan all the details of my own trips. I’ve designed my own itineraries for destinations the world over, including Italy, Costa Rica, Thailand, and many more! For me, the excitement of a trip is threefold: you enjoy planning it, living it and remembering it. Aware of my passion for travelling, my friends and family gradually started to ask me for help planning their trips. And so I began to specialize as a trip planner, even if back then it was nothing more than a hobby.

This website was conceived in response to the needs of all those people who – just like my friends and family – don’t have the time or inclination to spend dozens of hours reading through blog posts or travel guides. Or for those who view it as a tedious task they’d much rather skip. If that sounds like you, Beidoo is just what you need: my services mean you can sit back, relax and enjoy your trip, safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.